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  • Classic gaming at its finest

    My friends, this was Diablo II. Yes, yes, I’m aware it still exists and I’m sure a few folks probably still play the game. However, Diablo II in it’s current form is definitely NOT the Diablo II of… fucking kill me, 20 years ago.

    Die, chicken!

    You see, back then there was a magnificent bug that was discovered. If you died in the game, you’d have to run back to your corpse to retrieve your items. If you mistakenly picked up (or were tricked into picking up) other items and were killed again, you’d drop your original items. You read that right; it was possible to lose all of the items you had equipped. It was great!

    There was a huge group of very hardcore foreign players that were crushing US servers at the time. They were quick to go hostile on you if you weren’t playing the game to their liking. This made them an obvious target for such a great exploit.

    Solutions like “bady bombing” (corpse popping, body bombing, item fountain, etc) were exactly what a bunch of online miscreants needed to combat these invaders. So, a small, but dedicated group of The Drunken members made it our mission to systematically strip items from an incalculable number of very deserving assholes. This page is filled with their lamentations.

    Unfortunately, the party didn’t last long (the best things in life never do), and this extremely important feature was patched out sometime in 2002/2003. The game was never quite the same after that, and most of us moved on to greener pastures.

    I completely agree.

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